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Exchange Rates

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e-Currency Amounts We Sell We Buy We Exchange Payment Method
SolidTrust Pay All Amounts 5.00% (min $5.00) 7.95% 7.95% (min $3.00) Transfer/Bank Deposit
C-Gold All Amounts 10.00% (min $5.00) 5.50% 8.00% (min $2.00) Credit Card
PerfectMoney All Amounts 5.00% (min $5.00) 5.00% (min $5.00) 10.00% (min $3.00)
PerfectMoney All Amounts 11.00% (min $5.00) 5.00% (min $5.00) 10.00% (min $3.00) Credit Card
C-Gold All Amounts 7.00% (min $5.00) 5.50% 8.00% (min $2.00)
Bitcoin All Amounts 3.00% (min $7.00) 3.00% (min $7.00) 3.00% (min $5.00)
Litecoin All Amounts 3.00% (min $7.00) 3.00% (min $7.00) 3.00% (min $5.00)

*Special rates may apply when using certain payment methods. For full information consult the relevant pages when ordering or the Exchange Rates page.

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ForexGold™ operates in many e-currencies, even those that are not currently represented on our site. Please e-mail us for a quote.

If you would like to exchange Webmoney, please contact us.

E-Forexgold™ accepts local deposits in the following countries:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Indonesia
  • Singapore
  • Czech Republic
  • Israel
  • Austria
  • Taiwan

Our company is one of the leading players of the Digital Electronic Currencies industry,

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our customers. The payment options we offer provide our customers with a convenient way to buy e-currencies. For example, to

buy e-currencies in Australia customers have a choice of making local bank deposits, Bpay

payments with credit cards or making quick over the counter deposits at any post office in

the country. We have local payment options in other countries also.

We deal in all mayor e-currencies. Fast service and very competitive rates are our trademarks. Caring for our customers, we constantly introduce new innovative payment options and services such as post office deposits, ATM debit cards and others.

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